WATCH: Spirituality, ancient practices and rituals in India

2018-09-18 19:00
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From martial arts to healthy living, a vast range of our customs can be traced back to India.

Kerala is like a world of contrasts. You land and you take a breath and automatically feel a sense of relief. The old town comes highly recommended - filled with beautiful alleyways and cobblestone streets and Portuguese architecture, coconut trees and waterways which all seem to lend the place a particularly tropical feel.  

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Many people love India because they come expecting a deep, rich spiritual place only to find that this is part of daily life for locals.

A place where holy men step out of small cars and take baths in rivers, spirituality is in plain sight here. There's a quote from Gandhi that says "the future of India is in its villages" and going to Kerala might afford travellers an understanding of that quote. 

This is a place that has thousand year-old traditions and at the same time is embracing the modern aspects of contemporary society. 

From rituals to oil massages, head massages to martial arts - India has many options for those seeking spiritual enlightenment. 

One of the best things about taking this trip into spirituality is that though there exists a language barrier - it will never interfere with understanding. 

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