WATCH: Spaniards learn Afrikaans through 'My f*k, Marelize'

2019-03-13 08:27 - Gabi Zietsman
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Viral video 'My f*k, Marelize' is an internet gift that keeps on giving.

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A new video is going viral about South African Andrew Tunstall in Spain asking the locals if they know Afrikaans.

The general response? 'My f*k Marelize'. 

Shared just for fun, the video definitely eliciting the best kind of reactions coupled with some snort laughing.

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Watch the hilarious video below:

Tunstall's reaction to going viral?

Marelize Horn from Namibia went viral after her mother filmed her trying to learn to ride a bike, which ends with her crashing into a rugby post and the most honest reaction a mother could make when their kid screws up.

The hilarious accident ended up garnering millions of views, and the phrase is now etched into Afrikaans culture. Marelize herself become quite a celebrity, and was even invited as a guest at this year's Cape Town Cycle Tour.

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