WATCH: Richard Quest is on a mission to share the world's wonders

2018-07-10 15:31 - Saara Mowlana
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richard quest

Richard Quest is on a mission to share his wonders of the world with you in his new series. (Photo: Supplied)

Richard Quest is on a mission to share the world's wonders with his latest series for CNN.

The show, aptly titled, Quest's World of Wonder, is set to grace the silver screens on CNN International on Saturday, 14 July at 13:00, and will follow the travelled path of Quest and delve into his travels and experiences. 

Quest explains that the immersive travel series can be summed up in one sentence: "We're going to interesting places to meet fascinating people."

"We're not tourists, we're travellers," Quest expands. "It's a show about meeting people who reveal the heart of the city and help you understand what makes the place tick, leading you to that 'wow' moment when you realise you belong."

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What to expect

The show will follow Quest on a monthly adventure to a different destination and crawl beneath the location's skin to dig deep into its DNA.

As a viewer, you'll be introduced to larger than life characters who unpack the city's past and how it has helped woven the unique fabric of the place that is forever growing. 

But, do not be fooled, the show is said to be more than just about travel and tourism, enojoying food and culture - it is expected to focus on the premise of finding the essence of a place.

The first episode sees Quest taking viewers into the core of a city the world is watching with a sceptic eye - Washington, DC. 

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There it will dive into both the major political upheavals of the past and present and sees Quest exploring Washington's power - the good, the bad and the ugly - along with the help of those who have pulled its levers.

Ellana Lee, Senior Vice President of CNN International, said that people are inherently fascinated by the spirit of a city that has been built up over millennia, centuries or decades and how it defines what the place stands for and offers. 

"No one is better at finding and telling those stories than Richard Quest - a true internationalist with vast experience in travelling the world and reporting it. Through this new show, CNN viewers will experience a world of wonder that will inform and inspire in equal measure," Lee concluded.

Some of the other places you can expect to visit from your couch on Quest's World of Wonder include:



Panama City 

Those are just a few of the exciting and intriguing cities lined up for the series' pilot season. The half-hour show will also be complemented by a wealth of online content at a dedicated site within CNN Travel as well as on social media. 

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When to catch the show:

The pilot episode premiers on Saturday, July 14 @ 13:00 on CNN, but you can catch replays at the following times:

  • Saturday, July 14 @ 21:00
  • Sunday, July 15 @ 07:30, 11:00 and 20:30
  • Monday, July 16 @ 10:30
  • Wednesday, July 18 @ 11:30 and 18:30

You can watch the trailer for Quest’s World of Wonder here and visit CNN Travel for more information.