WATCH: Pharrell is not too impressed with SA's 'beloved' hadedas

2018-12-04 10:15 - Gabi Zietsman
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Bird standing on grass

Pharrell Williams had in interesting encounter with a hadeda while in South Africa. (Photo: iStock)

We've all been there - the sun is just about to start seeping into your room, but it's still too early to properly wake up, and you snuggle for another hour or two of snoozing - that is until the song of the hadedas start.

South Africans love to hate these oversized rats of the sky, squawking their presence into your brain, and unfortunately their hellish choir made its way to the ears of another songbird - Pharrell Williams - one of the many international performers that attended the Global Citizen Festival over the past weekend. See more about here. 

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A hadeda made himself heard outside Pharrell's accommodation, and the superstar was clearly not impressed, judging by his Insta-story that has since gone viral in South Africa.

With the dishevelled look of someone awaken from his sweet sleep by the vuvuzela of birds, Pharrell is almost at a loss for words to explain the experience that South Africans know too well.

But if you've never been woken up in South Africa by a hadeda, were you really in South Africa?

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Besides hadedas, there are other South African oddities that we love to hate, but can't really imagine South Africa without it.


Hadedas aren't the only things that love to make a noise in SA - the vuvuzela is like the human-operated version of their screeches. Present - and even sometimes banned - at sports events, it will either drive you insane or get you pumped with its toots. There is no in-between.

Afrikaans accents

Overseas they may consider the Afrikaans accent the sexiest in the world, but locally you'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't have a lekker fake-Afrikaans accent joke. 

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Nowhere dorpies

If you've ever driven through Brandvlei in the Northern Cape, you know what I'm talking about. Those one-petrol-stop type of dorpies where you either speed through on a long road trip or stop because someone is desperate for a toilet break. But they still retain a certain charm that you'll never find in the bigger towns and cities.

Hiking up Lion's Head

A popular activity for locals and visitors alike, hiking up Lion's Head in summer becomes more congested than the N1 at 08:00 in the morning. The other half of Cape Town however, myself included, will just get a little shudder deep in their soul whenever someone suggests an early morning hike up the infernal peak before work.

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You can't really call yourself a South African if you haven't sworn at a taxi at least a few times in your life, but they remain an important part of the country's transport system, making for quite a love-hate relationship with commuters.

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