WATCH: Passenger's unnatural love for wrong seat gets him booted off plane

2019-07-29 09:30
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It's just so bizarre that it's almost laughable!

This man was in the wrong seat, yet, he refused to move no matter what the consequences. 

A man delayed an American Airlines flight heading from Dallas to Fort Worth for 45 minutes when he refused to part with his beloved wrong seat. For some strange reason his attachment to this wrong seat grew so strong that he was willing to give up his freedom just so that his buttocks can be planted on it.

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According to Travel and Leisure, when the passenger who was supposed to sit on the seat boarded, the man didn't want to move. And it was more than just a friendly-decline: 

The airplane-drama resulted in passengers de-boarding while they had to wait for the police to come and remove the man. And he didn't go easily!

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What could it have been about this particular seat? Was it its positioning? Did the number have some special significance? Or was the guy just a douche?

Who knows...

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