WATCH | Man blown away by kindness of stranger who pays hundreds of rands for his last avocados worth R50

2020-02-17 04:45
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There is an avocado shortage in South Africa in case you didn't know. If you did, then you are well aware they're currently going for about R25 each. 

So when somebody offers to sell you 14 avos for R50, it's a rather sweet deal.

However that's not the half of it, as this video – which has been viewed over 5-million times since it was first shared on Thursday last week, shows a street hawker named Daniel wants to off load his last avos for the day.

He offers to sell them in one go after a long day and his "shoulders are busted" from carrying them. But he can't believe his luck when the stranger ends up paying hundreds of rand for it. 

Daniel, from Roseville in Pretoria says he sells avos to provide for his four sons.

He says he can’t get a job, so rather than turn to crime he sells avocados (and cleans cars).

It's absolutely heart-warming how he first rushes to get the businessman change for R100. He comes back saying he was forced to buy something for R5 to make change, but doesn't even charge the businessman.

The businessman then offers him his R50 change too and Daniel clearly overwhelmed in the video. He can't believe it as the businessman hands him one R100 note after another, humorously saying, "Why don't you just give me your car and your phone and your job too?"

The man behind the generosity believed to be businessman Malcolm X who has given away millions in similar kind gestures. His mission is to “be a blessing to someone”… and the kind deeds are filmed to encourage others to do the same.

BI Phakathi – who shared the video on Facebook – says Malcolm X is a “simple guy with a big heart for people. He has been dishing out money to the poor and students like Father Christmas.” 

Click here to see the video.

In the video Daniel then tells the businessman, next time he sees him he can have another 10 avos on him. 

The businessman tells Daniel his family are going to enjoy the avocados. So if you’re desperate for an avo – and happen to be in Pretoria - you know where to go to buy them. Daniel says he’s usually near the train station.

(Source: SA People) 

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