WATCH: Is this the 'world's funniest flight attendant'?

2018-11-09 12:14 - Saara Mowlana
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airplane cabin

Watch as this viral airplane staffer keeps his passenger audience and fellow colleagues in stitches with his witty safety briefing. (Photo: iStock)

This witty airline safety briefing on Frontier Airlines had the passengers, and fellow flight attendants, in stitches!

Cindy Kuhn, a passenger on the flight that was on route from Orlando to Colorado Springs on October 22, captured the funny briefing on camera and shared it to her Facebook page on October 23.

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The video has reeled in over 17 million views already, and with the comic safety briefing head echoing witty banter over the speakerphone, it's no wonder why.

The viral video has earned the sassy airline staffer the title of "world's funniest flight attendant".

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Kuhn shared the video with the caption, "It started out when he introduced the flight attendants as his wife, mistress (which is when I knew I had to grab my phone and start recording it!)...and he just kept rolling!!! This is about 3 minutes but DEFINITELY worth the listen to!"

Watch the video and the laughs that follow below:

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