WATCH: Is drone surfing the latest trend?

2016-09-13 10:50 - Ra-ees Moerat
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Cape Town - From 3D mapping to hurricane hunting… over the years, there have been some surprising uses of drones, but none like the one described here.   

As drones are becoming lighter, more powerful and more easily accessible than before, you will find that the conventional bloke as well as professionals, will utilise it in multiple ways either for their own amusement or for equitable reasons.

For example, earlier this year, footage of South Africa that comprised of incredible drone footage shots filmed from an eagle-eye view, went viral! It was test flight footage that was filmed on a Parrot Bebop 2 drone in South Africa by French drone-enthusiast Robin Icare and was then shared by Unilad. The video has since been viewed over 4 million times! 

SEE: WATCH: SA goes viral with incredible drone footage

We’ve also seen drones used as tree cutters… it has even been used as delivery ‘vehicles’, but now, the use of drones have reached a whole new level…

Surfers are using drones to surf glide!

The latest drone-use has surfaced in a video that's going viral.

What you should know though, is that the drone in this video was definitely not created by some DIY junkie with some spare drone parts and free time, but rather professionally by Freefly, a legit drone-making company (and maker of some other really cool gadgets). 

This video surfaced on the social media accounts of Freefly Systems

 and those who viewed the video questioned whether the ‘drone surf gliding’ was real or not. While some viewers believe the authenticity thereof,  the general stance is that 'this can’t be real'.

The Freefly Alta 8 drone has been listed on B&H for $17 500 (about R249 550 at R14.26/$). This drone was initially designed as a tool for cinematography but has since evolved into a pretty expensive surf gliding mechanism. The pull force is  said to be strong enough to take any surfer for a fun ride along the coast… and even hold the surfer while he/she performs some radical tricks.  

Speaking of radical… it would be absolutely insane to spend that amount of cash on a drone but as with technology the cheaper version is probably not far off, since the demand for drones have been growing quite rapidly in the last few years.  But don't forget SA has very specific rules in place when it comes to drone use - check them out here

The video kicks off with a surf glider running to the sea and hopping onto his small surfboard:

Then... the shocker! An Alta 8 drone appears to pulling the surfer in full force.  

Have a look at the full video and decide for yourself whether this is real or not:

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