WATCH: Behind the scenes at Heathrow Animal Reception Centre

2018-08-16 16:30
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Snakes, cats, frogs, dogs, monkeys - just another regular day at the Heathrow Animal Reception Centre. 

The Heathrow Animal Reception Centre is a border inspection post at Heathrow Airport. They receive animals that come off of flights from all over the world. Nearly every animal imaginable makes its way through the centre whether exotic animal or pet. 

They have to come through the centre as part of the rabies control process. The centre is responsible for checking that the paperwork associated with animal care and travelling with animals complies with UK regulations and that the animals are not carrying any dangerous diseases that could be introduced to the United Kingdom. 

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There is a range of different animal species that make their way through the centre. From shipments of reptiles to snails, spiders, dogs and cats, from ferrets, penguins, apes to big cats - you name it they've probably seen it.  

Staff at the centre are passionate about their job as they get to see and interact with animals that they would otherwise likely never see as well as ensure that disease and other nasties don't cause any trouble for any animals (or humans) in the UK. 

Now you know, the next time you travel via Heathrow with animals, this is what you can expect your friend to experience. 

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