British rugby coach turns detective to find family of lost SA holiday pics

2017-09-07 12:59 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - A UK school teacher, touring South Africa with his students from Shiplake College, has helped reunite a family from Belgium with their lost holiday memories of their trip to South Africa.

Head of Rugby for the school Sam Beckett, says the group were passing through passport control at Cape Town International Airport en route home when they found an 8GB memory card on the floor.

Becket who also kept a blog of the rugby tour, which took place Monday 7th August to Sunday 20th August, says he looked at the pictures and realised they were from a family holiday in South Africa.

And so began the quest to reunite the holiday memories with those in the pics. 

First off they tried to spot the family while walking through the airport, with no success. Becket then decided to have a closer look at the images for any clues on how he could contact them.

“A couple of number plates were found, but as we do not work for the FBI we were unable to trace these…”

Fortunately Beckett noted Simbavati River Lodge and the date the picture was taken.  

“We saw the name of a safari lodge, the Simbavati River Lodge and the date the photo was taken, 3rd August. Cue a Twitter message and e-mail to the River Lodge” says Becket.

Next up… the Simbavati River Lodge replied, and said they would share the family photo amongst their staff.

"One of the staff at the River Lodge recognised the family and got in touch with them," says Beckett.

It was then that the family got in touch.

"Finally… an e-mail arrived in my inbox from the very relieved family in Belgium."

Beckett shared a screengrab of the email in which the family states, “We still can’t believe that it has been found and are so grateful.”  

Overall the Shipklake group described the tour as "a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour South Africa", that allowed the team to "develop socially, emotionally and on the sports field".

Beckett also shared a few of the images their group took while in South Africa:

(Photo: Shiplake College)

(Photo: Shiplake College)

(Photo: Shiplake College)

(Photo: Shiplake College)

(Photo: Shiplake College)

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