Uber: The good and bad of accepting cash trips

2017-08-15 06:30 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - Users of the global transportation network company, Uber may, after all, not have the option of choosing how to pay for their trips as drivers get to decide how they want to be paid.

According to the company, Uber has received feedback from its 'driver-partners' expressing their need to be able to choose the kind of trips they want to accept.

“This feedback came from their focus groups, comments at partner appreciation events and recent safety working groups. Uber has taken heed of this request and believe the new cash indicator pilot will address their needs,” says Uber - read Fin24's full coverage.

South African Uber drivers have recently faced serious security concerns, including attacks by metred taxi drivers resulting in the death of a driver, who reportedly died of his injuries.

“This kind of behaviour which breeds intimidation and anarchy stands condemned and should not be allowed in our public transport system and our country in general,” says Transport Minister, Joe Maswanganyi.

SEE: South Africa condemns taxi violence after Uber driver death

Uber driver, Michael Mali (name changed to protect identity) told Traveller24 that the new Uber initiative is good as "it is a safety issue that is aimed at protecting its drivers, at all times". 

"The new rule is good and it's meant to protect us, as drivers," says Mali. 

"We've had incidents where people paying by cash refuse to pay and this is also not good for us.

"Following the last acid incident, it not safe for us as drivers, especially at night and cash trips can not be traced once these incidents occur," says Mali.

Mali says although he feels bad for those without credit cards, at this point drivers also need to feel safe and protected.

Taking to the streets, Traveller24 check with travellers out on the streets of Cape Town to get people's opinions and views on this matter.

University student, Asanda kosani says the new Uber system is good but as a student with no credit card, this could be inconvenient. 

"I use Uber mostly on weekends and I don't have a credit card so what's that supposed to mean?," asks Kosani.

"As a student, this could be inconvenient and if they keep rejecting my request I might as well go ahead and delete my account."

Another student, Tammy van der Heever says although she doesn't use Uber as a means of transport, many people without credit card facilities will suffer. 

"It's safety for drivers, yes but what about those without credit cards and those who prefer to pay cash. Many people will suffer," says van der Heever.

Local traveller, Takara Ericsson says it's a good thing and sees no problem.

"I think it's good and I see no problem," says Ericsson. "Also, credit cards can be traced if there's ever any problems, unlike cash payments."

What you should you should know about the new system:

The cash indicator allows Uber driver-partners to choose whether they’d like to accept a cash trip request or not.
Feedback from driver-partners showed that drivers wanted the option to choose the kind of trips they want to accept.
Some driver-partners feel the cash option has opened them up to new riders and provides the consumer with more choice.
Uber believes riders should have the freedom to pay for riders how they wish.
The cash indicator will only appear to driver-partners on cash trips - no indicator will pop up for card trips.
The dispatch process will not be impacted at all, should a driver choose to decline the request, the app will immediately alert another driver-partner.
Driver-partners who decline to accept a cash trip will not face any consequences. 

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