Twitter Reacts: #YouHaventLivedIf you can't relate to these South African tweets

2018-03-01 13:03 - Gabi Zietsman
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Cape Town - Have you really lived a South African life if you haven't done these things?

South African Twitter dug deep into its roots in the hashtag #YouHaventLivedIf that went viral, proving that we all go through the same struggles in life. 

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From childhood memories to daily embarrassments, to things you did to look cool, as South Africans we really do have a special kind of humour unique to our Rainbow Nation.

Some tweets were about moments with parents, others about the fails of technology and many about the trials and tribulations of public transport.

But you haven't really lived if you don't often find yourself breaking into laughter because South Africans are just too funny.

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We love them dearly, but it would seem all South African parents are in the same Whatsapp group.

We all thought we were super cool, and now we just look back in cringe.

All in all, we had very special childhoods as South Africans.

And anyone who has ever ridden a taxi knows what real struggle is.

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