The world's first-ever travel blogger wrote his first post 25 years ago

2019-12-30 13:49 - Marisa Crous
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American writer, Jeff Greenwald is credited as the world's first-ever travel blogger. And he became one purely by accident.  

25 years later, and what is the future of travel blogging? 

Travel blogging has changed significantly over the years. So much so that today we mainly see travel blogging in the form of Instagram images. Instagram has ushered in an era where travel influencers are more about showing you, than telling you where to go.

And it's all about the backdrop. Nature and city-scapes are frequently chosen as holiday destinations based on their Instagrammability. 

With new technologies like drones capturing that perfect beach shot, spiking wanderlust to new heights, travel blogging is almost unrecognisable to those, like Jeff, who first started writing online back when the internet was but an infant.

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Because of the overwhelming amount of content out there, standing out is difficult for travel bloggers. For all bloggers for that matter. And with attention spans becoming shorter and shorter, and an influx of influencers online, the competition is fierce.

Living the Dream notes, however, that there is still space for writing online. They mention that local is lekker when it comes to travel blogging. Don't think to broad, basically. 

Niche blogs focusing on one town or area does still have a lot of appeal to online audiences seeking something specific, like where to eat in Melville, where to shop in Stellenbosch and which farm stall to stop at on the West Coast.

Blogs like 2Summers continue to nail this type of city-specific content with the blog concentrating on on Joburg happenings only. The key is not to attempt to be everything to everyone as that's how you tend to get lost in the whirlpool of content available out there. 


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