This SA muso's kiffest holiday spots and travel hacks

2018-11-16 06:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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the kiffness

We caught up with the Kiffness to find out what the holidays have in story, along with his latest travel hacks and tips.  

From the Amalfi Coast through to Plett, David Scott loves a kiff adventure. Read on to find out more...

Do you have a destination at the top of your bucket list? Why?

I really want to go to Switzerland. I want to know what it feels like to live in a politically stable country while eating very expensive cheese & see if it's any better than living in a country that's politically unstable but has relatively affordable cheese.  

Where will you be spending your Christmas holiday?

As per usual, The Scott family will be in Plettenberg Bay over Christmas, otherwise known as Jo'burg by the sea.

What is your favourite travel destination in SA? Why?

I love Plett (out of season). Apart from the pristine beaches, breathtaking hiking trails & the moderate climate, there are no Jo'burg people in sight. It's wonderful.

Also my brother lives there & my parents will be retiring there at the start of next year and it's always a pleasure being able to spend time with family. It's also one of my favourite places to get inspiration for my music. 

Tell us a bit about your favourite trip that you’ve taken either for work or leisure.

The Amalfi Coast in Italy was a really special place to visit.

My wife & I drove up there from the South of Italy in a little Fiat 500, and the closer you get to Amalfi, the cliff faces start to get higher and higher & the roads get narrower & narrower.

I had a few hairy moments on those roads - sometimes I'd be driving round a bend & then there'd be a bus trying to take the same bend from the other side.

Because the roads were so narrow I'd have to reverse to let the bus through. It was nuts.

But man - the views were crazy beautiful, and don't even get me started on the gelato! Man oh man... One trick we learned is that if you want gelato you must never go to the gelato stands where you can see big mounds of gelato coming out of the tubs - apparently it isn't the real stuff.

They do that to lure tourists in.

If you want the real deal you must go to the stands where the gelato is covered in tins. Real gelato is very delicate and needs to be maintained at -13 degrees, hence why they cover it. 

Tourist posing in europe

(Photo: The Kiffness)

What can’t you travel without?

I once tried to travel without drinking water or any fluids. That didn't work out too well. Was dehydrated & hospitalised on a drip in 2 days. But on a serious note, I can't travel without my phone.

Because if I didn't take a selfie in Rome - was I even there? Google Maps is also very helpful when you're trying to figure out which tube/train to take. 

What kind of traveler are you – super organized with an itinerary or prefer to go where the wind takes you?

The latter, which happens to be the worse kind if you're in Europe. Man, things are so expensive there that if you don't organise everything in advance you'll see your poephol very quickly. Luckily my wife is very organised & she pretty much planned our whole trip.

We found "Trip It" to be a really helpful app because it sorts out all your flights & accommodation into a timeline which makes it easy to figure out where you need to be and at what time.

But last year we travelled Vietnam and accommodation & food is pretty cheap there so you can actually afford to be a bit more spontaneous and book hotels last minute. 

Who is your favourite travel buddy?

Ah, my dearest wife. I'd be lost without her. No seriously, I tried to use the public transport in London by myself once and I got lost for 2 hrs. It was horrible. 

Couple in front of Eiffel Tower

(Photo: The Kiffness)

What was your worst travel experience?

That time my iPhone fell into a Venetian Canal & I had to spend the rest of the ride pretending to forget what had just happened. 

Read the Instragram caption for what went down:

What’s your top tip for getting comfortable in a new place?

When we're visiting a new place, we try and spend as much time as possible figuring out which area is best to stay, because where you stay has such a big effect on your perception you have of that place.

For example, our experience of Paris was so amazing because we did quite a bit of research on where to stay. (We ended up staying in St Germain & Montmartre - two awesome areas). We've heard of some people who have had very uncomfortable times in Paris, but it's only because they didn't spend enough time figuring out which places where kiff to stay. 

Do you have a favourite souvenir you’ve picked up on your travels?

When we were in Vietnam we visited a place called Hoi An. The place is known for their fabrics & tailors so I decided to get a suit made. My wife helped me pick out a rad floral fabric & the suit was made the next day.

It turned out way kiffer than I could ever imagine, and I now wear that suit to shows. I plan on getting some more made because if we've had a run of shows the suit can start to get a bit manky. 


What is the best travel hack you’ve ever used?

When you're on a long flight it's always nice to watch some good in-flight movies, but often the headphones they give you don't sound so lekka & you can't plug your own headphones in because planes have their own weird two hole connection.

Luckily we got ourselves some aeroplane adapters off - they allow you to plug in your own headphones.

If you want to be extra, you can get an extra dual headphone adapter and then you & your partner can watch the same movie while everyone else in the plane looks at you with intense jealousy. 

Where in the world have you had the Kiffest jams?

Playing Vic Falls Carnival last year for New Years Eve was probably one of the kiffest jams of all time. Seeing people in the crowd from all around the world & just getting together to have a fat party was an unforgettable experience.  


What’s your top tip for handling a hectic travel schedule?

Make time to rest! I can't stress this enough. One of the most difficult things about travelling is that when you're tired you can often feel guilty for resting, because there's so many new places to see & experience and FOMO can very easily creep in. But if you're constantly on the go you can burn yourself out.

About 1 and a half months into our Euro Trip I started getting pretty severe tinnitus in my right ear & it was driving me mad.

Luckily my dad is an ENT & he told me that the tinnitus was very likely caused by fatigue. I started taking things at a slower pace and the tinnitus started to fade.

You recently toured in Europe, what was the biggest highlight destination?

We're lucky to have friends that are from Norway & their families very graciously opened up their homes to us. At the start of our trip we spent a few days in Bergen, the home of musicians like Kygo & Alan Walker. Everything in Bergen is postcard picturesque, but also very expensive - especially alcohol.

Damn! The only thing that's cheaper there is salmon, so we ate quite a lot of salmon. Tough life! From Bergen we took an epic journey by boat to a small village called Tungodden where we stayed in a cabin with a friend's parents for the weekend.

We explored the fjords, caught fresh fish, ate fresh fish & swam in the freezing North Sea. Life seemed much more simple and peaceful there. I hope to go back soon. 

Couple hiking

(Photo: The Kiffness)

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