PICS: The icy photo that won this year's Nat Geo Travel Photo Contest

2019-06-14 05:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Bold colours against a dark, snowy landscape - the village of Upernavik in Greenland provided the perfect shot for Weimin Chu, the winner of National Geographic's Travel Photo Contest.

His winning shot was taken from a nearby airport, providing an expansive view of the sleepy place on a -30 degree Celsius spring day.

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There is a very practical reason for the village's bright houses - they indicate what the house is used for, making it easier to know where to go in the hectic snowy weather. 

 “I could only see a pure white land covered by ice and snow during my entire flight. But I suddenly saw a big, warm dot in [the] far distance—it was Upernavik. The beauty of this tranquil village was really beyond my imagination. It was a wow moment for me,” Chu tells National Geographic. 

Chu has been visiting Greenland for a while, and originally planned to visit Upernavik for only two days. Fortunately, there were no flights out and he had to extend his stay to one week.

He only took his winning shot on the sixth day - if he stuck to his original plan Chu might never have gotten the photo. 

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Once an engineer, Chu started his photography career more seriously after being selected as the editor's choice for National Geographic's 2012 Photo Contest, and since then has been actively recording the communities of Greenland.

Next on the horizon? He hopes to venture into the snowy mountains of Pakistan and China, bringing more unknown places to the attention of the rest of the world.

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