PICS: SAA flight attendant takes care of baby on her back while mom eats

2018-04-26 13:58 - Gabi Zietsman
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Flight attendant carrying a baby on her back

Mavis from SAA helping out a passenger with her baby (Photo: Kate Whalley-Hands, Facebook)

Cape Town - Some good news to start off your long weekend just right!

A Facebook post from Kate Whalley-Hands has gone viral where she took pictures of a South African flight attendant carrying her baby on her back while serving other passengers.

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"A 15 hour flight (between two transits) is never an easy task for a parent travelling on their own to undertake," writes the South African mom on the post.

"I had a massively proud to be South African moment yesterday when Mavis (on my SAA flight from New York to Johannesburg) took Imogen [her baby] out of my arms and baleta’d her, and then carried on serving people so that I was able to eat my meal. 

"Fifteen minutes later she returned to my seat with a fast asleep Immy. Mavis, thank you for being a rock star. I appreciate you."

The photos are just too cute, with a sleepy Imgogen peeping out of her blanket to stare at her new friend.

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It's already had over a thousand shares since it was posted yesterday, and people are just loving the flight attendant, who seems to have brightened up other people's trips as well. 

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