PICS: Last super moon of 2017 as two await in January 2018

2017-12-04 08:11
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Cape Town - Some say the hype of super moons are not all they're cracked up to be - but the last moon of 2017 is set to kick-start a trio of super moons.

Sunday, 3 December, was the first of the trio that could be seen in South Africa. If you missed out on viewing this spectacular sight then you will have the opportunity to check out a super moon again in 2018, with full moons expected to shine bright and bold on 2 January and 31 January.

A full moon happens at perigee - and a super moon happens at the same time in the lunar cycle that the moon is closest to the earth. According to reports, Sunday's moon was some 7%  larger and 16% brighter than usual. 

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And if you were in Cape Town on Sunday night, switching on the festive street lights was not the only bright attraction, as Capetonians took delight in viewing the super moon too.

Here are some of the cool pics shared to social media from SA and around the world. Have any awesome pics to share - email