PICS: Colour in your Instagram feed by following these 2018 Adobe Rising Stars of Photography

2018-08-08 08:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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Indonesian man making a traditional shadow puppet

Adobe announced their 2018 list of Rising Stars in Photography from around the world. (Photo: Michael Theodric)

Are you getting a little bored with your Instagram feed? If you're looking to refresh your socials with some unique wanderlust pics, Adobe just released their list of the top 10 Rising Stars of Photography - and they induce a serious case of packing-your-bagsitis.

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Adobe was on the hunt for photographers from around the world with unique perspectives that differ in style, subjects and purpose, and they managed to find something for everyone. From a 16-year-old boy from Indonesia to a photographer hailing from Cape Town to a self-taught Ukrainian portrait artist.

"If two people take photographs of the same thing, the resulting photographs will rarely look the same. And if those two people live halfway across the world from each other, their perspectives are likely to be even more distinct.

"It’s when people share their unique perspectives and ways of interpreting the world that our minds open and our horizons expand. And that’s what we aimed to do with this year’s Adobe Rising Stars of Photography," writes Adobe's principal product manager on the digital imaging team Lex van den Berghe.

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If you need more reason to follow them on Instagram, here are Adobe's top 10 photographers ready to take the industry to new heights.

Gabriella Achadinha (@gabriella_achadinha_the_xvi)

A local Capetonian made it onto the list, utilising her urban landscape to craft surreal photos that look like they're from another world. She has a background in film and her topics include travelling, local fashion and commercial shoots.

Maskal (@mekdeezy)

Born to Ethiopian immigrant parents, Mekdela uses her eye as a media activist to help non-profit campaigns like Mama Hope to show developing countries to the world without a skewed Western lens.

Michael Theodric (@michaeltheodric)

By far the youngest on the list, Theodric is a 16-year-old Indonesian boy who has been taking photos for eight years already, mostly focusing on the people and landscapes near his home.

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Sarah Blesener (@sarahblesener)

This American photographer tells stories through her photos, especially those of the youth and underrepresented sections of society. Blesener works towards stimulating dialogue around the issues that her photos raise.

Mette Lampcov (@mettelampcov)

Her Instagram bio reads "Danish Lost in LA" and while Lampcov is 50, she only started pursuing photography six years ago after being a goldsmith and jeweller before that. Her current topic that she likes to tackle is climate change.

Eza Chung (@ezachung)

As an interior designer, Chung uses photography as an extension of her passion for architecture and designed spaces. For now it's only a hobby, but she plans to start capturing her own work so that she can tell her own story.

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David Leøng (@d.leong)

Leøng's is in love with his home city of San Francisco, and loves to explore every nook and cranny to find extraordinary subjects in ordinary objects. He wants people to draw their own conclusions and stories from his photos.

Irynka Hromotska (@hromotska)

This self-taught Ukrainian woman wants to tell the tales of other women through her portrait photos, highlight the struggle of their gender as well as their happier moments. 

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Sunny Herzinger (@sunnyherzinger)

This engineer loves to document his travels through a camera lens, never leaving his camera behind when going on holiday. He's an outdoors guy, so expect lots of landscape shots from this German.

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Grace Chen (@skipwithgrace)

Another San Franciscan, Chen is a food traveller, taking snapshots of the food at every restaurant she visits. Her camera lens also wanders away from the plate to the stunning scenery she finds herself in.

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