PICS: Cape Minstrels pull out the Tweede-Nuwe-Jaar stops!

2018-01-03 09:27
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(Photo: @merylbeeZA, Twitter)

Cape Town - The Mother City was awash with colour, glitter and tinsel on 2 January during the annual Tweede Nuwejaar celebrations.

The tradition dates back to South Africa's 18th century slave era when slaves were only given one day off a year. Some 13 000 minstrels in 60 troupes took part in Tuesday's parade‚ with an expected crowd of more than 50 000 watching the event. 

The official Cape Town Street Parade, set along the Grand Parade in the city centre also saw hundreds of locals camping out to get a prime spot to watch the annual attraction. 

With key potential to showcase the City's history and culture, the City of Cape Town says it is also essential to ensure the smooth running of the carnival to attract international tourists from far and wide. 

City of Cape Town mayoral committee member JP Smith says, “This is one of the most important events of the year for Cape Town and receives the most financial support from the city of any event in Cape Town’s calendar.

“This year the city has given more support — both in terms of money and resources – than any year in the past. With the right people and effort the Cape Town Street Parade has the potential to be bigger and grander than ever before‚ while still maintaining its cultural heritage.”

Locals take the event very seriously, describing it as part of their heritage and lifeblood - Read the full News24 interviews here

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