PIC: SA's new president has a No1 fan and it's adorable

2018-02-17 11:17 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - SA seems to be on a giddy high with a new president and a sense of hope last seen about a decade ago. 

While new president Cyril Ramaphosa faces a tough road in rebuilding investor confidence and reviving the economy in the wake of Jacob Zuma’s nine-year tenure - he seems to have locals excited about the future.  

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From Running on the Sea Point promenade, to playing golf, to doing normal things like heading to one of SA's most visited attractions. 

Caught on camera by socialite and model Lee-Ann Liebenberg, while at the V&A Waterfront - It's delightful that Ramaphosa is not shy to snap a selfie or two. 

But it's the photobomber in the background that has caught everybody's attention - with his expression earning himself the title of the presidents No1 fan! Adorbs is all we can say. 

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Posted to Instagram the pic has seen some serious love with more than 6 300 people reacting to it. 

Some of the comments posted to the social media pic, as detailed below, echoed the renewed positivity being experienced across SA as the country gets ready for leadership under a Ramaphosa, with his wife Tshepo Motsepe also generating quite a bit of interest. 

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Laurarudner, "Cyril you are truly the man of the people May you go from strength to strength."
Janinevasilantonakis, "Thank you thank you thank you I love him."
Freespirited85. "This what you call a leader, he is amongst the people. SA great things ahead
spuysonjavanderWow what a lovely president we have..such a great leader."
Carinmaehr, "Such a fantastic start. Now we can be PROUD."
Devilliersroux, "A man we can Respect - Our Leader Mr Ramaphosa - I’m so PROUD to be South African ??."
Lintonwhite_forex, "Great SONA! I'm really excited about the goals and timelines that President Ramaphosa stipulated. If they can be achieved, there a big changes ahead. ??"
Marykestern, "You can just about féel the new Hope in South Africa ! ?? ?? Praise God for a new (réál) leader! Lóve the man in the backgrounds reaction. Priceless! We are all ecstatic and enthusiastic for our BEAUTIFUL country and its great new leader ??"

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