#PassengerShaming 2018: Food-tray foot wars turns into feat of a viral twitter thread

2018-03-16 11:49 - Saara Mowlana
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Cape Town - 2018 is only in its third month and there's already been a slew of shameless airline passenger stories!

The latest shame was posted on Tuesday, where a passenger had stretched out her feet onto the food tray on the seat-back in front of her on a United Airlines flight. She even demanded to be financially compensated for accommodating her fellow passenger who felt under duress of her feet so close to his food!

Weave through the shameless list below to see some of the best worst shameless passenger tales of 2018.

Check out the list of 2018 shameless passengers - so far - below:

My seat, my tray - upon which my feet shall lay:

Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph on Twitter) took to Twitter on Tuesday, 13 March to share his trauma and upsetting experience in a feat of a thread dense with gif fuelled hilarity. 

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See the story unfold below:

Airing the down under region while up in the air:

For this naked segment - there are two tales and not just one. These two passengers clearly never got the memo about what a landing strip really is.

The first story is the news that broke of an Alaska Airlines flight to Seattle that was forced to return to Anchorage early on 7 February, after a passenger had locked himself in the bathroom, took off all his clothes, and refused to follow crew instructions. Kate Danyluk, a passenger on the flight, told The Associated Press that she had the feeling that something was wrong. She said that the flight attendants kept going back and forth in the aisles and had put on rubber gloves! "There was a subject on the aircraft that had barricaded or locked himself in the bathroom, the lavatory," airport police Sgt. Darcy Perry told Anchorage police station KTVA. "Flight attendants did find that the subject was naked," Perry added without elaborating.

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The second story is about the news regarding a Bangladeshi passenger who had reportedly stripped naked and attacked a stewardess during a flight from Malaysia and had been arrested, as announced by the airline on 5 March. Shortly after the Malindo Air flight had departed from Kuala Lumpur on 3 March, the 20-year-old took his clothes off and started watching pornography on his laptop, local media reported. The man, a student at a Malaysian university, initially put his clothes back on at the request of cabin crew, the New Straits Times newspaper reported. To make matters worse, he then tried to hug female crew members, and when his advances were rejected he became aggressive and attacked a stewardess, the paper said.

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Bailing out

This bit also has two stories of its own. Two passengers have both attempted - with one succeeding - to exit a plane through the emergency exit without there being an actual emergency.

The first story is the tale of 25 yr old passenger, Troy Fattun, who had opened a United Airline plane's emergency exit and slid down shortly after boarding said plane. The incident occurred around 22h00 on Sunday, 25 February, on a United Airlines flight that was headed from Newark to Tampa, Florida. The flight was delayed for several hours and passengers eventually were put on another plane. He had, according to The New York Post, shouted that he was on the wrong flight at Newark Airport shortly before initiating the stunt. 

The second story is of a passenger who had repeatedly screamed 'I am God' on a SkyWest Flight from San Francisco to to Boise, Idaho before attempting to open the emergency exit mid-flight. Midway through the flight a woman got up from her first-class seat and made a frantic dash for the door at the front of the plane. Unsuspecting passengers, momentarily frozen with bewilderment, looked on as the woman then proceeded to try to open the cabin door while chanting her identity as God. 

WATCH: Passenger screaming 'I am God' tries to open cabin door mid-flight

See the video footage of the second story below:

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