'Only social media influencers' can take a pic of this LA street mural

2018-06-28 11:39 - Gabi Zietsman
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Man posing in front of a graffiti of angel wings a

There's a street art mural in Los Angeles that only influencers can take a photo of. (Photo: @JustinCaffier, Twitter)

A street art mural has popped up in Los Angeles - but to take a photo of it you have to have 20 000 followers or a verified account on Twitter.

The mural - a heart with angel wings with the words 'City of Angels' above it with a condescending 'tick' sign and a faux-Banksy man with a broom - was surrounded by a white canvas with a security guard that checked your social media accounts before letting you see it.

Only meant to be available to influencers or the 'verified' to film and capture, it has not only gone viral, but  the publicity stunt has highlighted the absurd side to social media culture. 

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A number of publications including Vice went along to check out this 'exclusive', 'influencer only' artwork on Melrose Avenue - an area known for its streetwork - in order to promote an online show call Like & Subscribe.

The reporter Justin Caffier was very sceptical of the whole stunt, and thought the artwork was incredibly cliché. He loved it.

"Beneath the white canopy tent that hid the mural from those passing by on the sidewalk was a painting exquisite in its manufactured banality, a pastiche of all the worst instagrammable street art trends of the past decade," writes Caffier.

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Looking at the photo, you can't help but agree.

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The show even goes as far to question people who take photos in front of the mural on Twitter if they don't meet the influencer criteria.

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Reactions online have been mostly anger, which might have been the point of the mural, aimed at the idea of creating barriers to access through social media.

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People have also responded with similar murals, that's free to everyone (and possibly better looking).

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All in all, whether or not the stunt had the desired effect it was looking for, we can all agree though that this might help us rethink the stock we put into influencers.

South Africa has its own beautiful street artwork through - where you don't have to be an influencer to take a photo of it.

Cape Town


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Port Elizabeth

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