Oh sheep! New Zealand unseats SA's Afrikaans as the sexiest accent in the world

2019-04-29 09:19 -
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Fifty countries across the globe have been ranked by the sexiness of their accents and while SA previously ranked tops - there's a new accent bowling travellers over it seems. 

The latest look at linguistics and allocution across the globe by Big 7 Travel has seen New Zealand named the sexiest accent in the world.

"Here at Big 7 Travel, we’re all about inspiring people to visit somewhere new. There’s almost 7,000 languages in the world, with even more varieties of accents, but which is the best? We polled our readers from all across the globe to find the world’s sexiest accent for 2019."

SA's Afrikaans accent come in second with Big 7 Travel saying, "Afrikaans is a hugely popular accent with many people across the globe, thanks to their unique tones and Saffa slang."

Sharp-sharp bru! 

At the bottom of the list was the Croatian accent (we have nothing...) and the City of New York also made a showing at 44 (Donald Trump much!?). Some of their readers consider the Queen's English worthy of the 12 spot and Zimbabwe's accent also made a showing in the 20th spot. 

It is at this point that we say, "let the arguing begin”- because let's face it, the Irish accent is pretty sexy in its own right. Click here to see the full list of 50 countries ranked.  

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And just in case you need to remind yourself what a few of these sound like - check out this guys who is a whizz at zipping through foreign accents. He's good.