Jack Parow on why the Netherlands is such a jol and keDezemba boot bars (Warning: Profanity)

2018-11-19 10:30 - Gabi Zietsman
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SA's talented Afrikaans rapper Zander Tyler, better known by his stage name Jack Parow give us the low-down on his December plans. Check it!  

Do you have a destination at the top of your bucket list? Why?

"Japan is at the top. I just love everything about it and how mal and different it is... and looks like I might be going next year for the World Cup! Wooohooo!

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Where will you be spending your Christmas holiday?  

"I will be spending it on stages across the country making trouble and downing brandy.

What is your favourite travel destination in SA? Why?

"I don't really have a favourite. I love SA so much, so anywhere. As long as there is lekker people and a cold dop or two I’m happy.

Tell us a bit about your favourite trip that you’ve taken either for work or leisure.

"There's a bunch. I’m lucky to go to Netherlands quite often and I love it there. It’s such a jol. Then I recently went to Hong Kong, which was kak mal. That place is insane. Such a mind-blowing vibe. We drank mal drink, ate even maller food and even did a shoot in one of the most haunted houses in the world. Was befok! 

What can't you travel without?

"I have this lekker coffee machine called a handpresso, which is next-level and is one of the most important things I have, because a bang babbelas is kak, but even kakker with kak coffee.

What kind of traveller are you – super organized with an itinerary or prefer to go where the wind takes you? 

"A bit of both... I’ve learnt that some form of organisation is necessary otherwise you just end up in a bar in Witbank with a midget and a monkey and your phone’s battery is dead and you can't get an Uber because it's flat and also there's no Uber in Witbank.

Who is your favourite travel buddy?

"My band...they are kak-lekker and they put up with my shit, which is the most important and also the most difficult.

What was your worst travel experience?

Witbank with a midget and a monkey and no Uber. Also, I once started drinking at a bar in Cape Town and woke up in Knysna and had no idea how I got there... I still don't.

What’s your top tip for getting comfortable in a new place?

The closest bar.

Where’s your best sundowner spots in SA to drink some brandy and coke?

Anywhere, I like a boot bar... so if there's a place to park my car and you can see the sun, I’m down.

Which city have you had the best parties?

I’m from the Northern suburbs... so I’ve had some woeste parties there... but otherwise student towns like Potch, Bloem, Stellies, Hatfield, etc anywhere where there’s a university close it’s fokken rof.

After your tours in the Netherlands, what’s your top tips for visiting this European country as a South African?

Be careful... the coffee shops don't really sell coffee.

If you wanna catch him at one of his keDezemba shows, check his schedule here.

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