It's official!? SA's Afrikaans ranked the sexiest accent in the world

2017-10-21 13:29 - Selene Brophy
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Cape Town - No doubt our headline is going to cause some consternation for some - especially when you consider SA has 11 official languages and of course there are a number of dialects to the Afrikaans accent - but like real Saffas, we'll own this nonetheless. - an Irish-based travel curation site that says "they do all the hard work so that travellers don’t have to", has ranked 50 of the world’s accents.  

While they might be spot on when they say "let the arguing begin” - because we have to admit the Irish accent is pretty sexy in its own right - if the results of this survey are to be believed - then that local meisie in the Wimpy ad from way back with the heavy Afrikaans accent saying "I lurve it when you talk foreigner" is most-likely the epitome of sexy to some people's ears.

Here are their thoughts on the top 10… Tell us if you agree or not? And you can see the full list of 50 accents ranked here

10. Southern American
That slow Texan drawl.

9. Jamaican

8. Israeli
We can't explain it. It's just hot.

7. Spanish
Because obviously.

6. Irish
A global favourite, to be sure to be sure.

5. French
The language of love.

4. Australian
V sexy, hey?

3. Northern Irish
Jamie Dornan. Enough said.

2. Italian
If only Dolmio day was every day.

1. South African
Afrikaans is the key to our hearts.

And the least sexiest accent in the world?

And just in case you need to remind yourself what a few of these sound like - check out this guys who is a whizz at zipping through foreign accents. He's good.