In this city, people are stuck in traffic for up to 9 days a year – see where SA cities rank

2019-02-15 15:00 - Marisa Crous
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Bad traffic is often a topic of conversation among South Africans. And Cape Town traffic is, perhaps, the worst of all. 

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According to the INRIX 2018 Global Traffic Scorecard, the most in-depth congestion and mobility study of its kind, recently analysed and ranked the impact of traffic congestion in six continents, 38 countries and more than 200 cities around the globe.

It reports that Capetonians lose a whopping 162 hours per year sitting in congested traffic. That is in-and-around the city, and to and from the city centre. For Jo'burg, it's 119 hours. That's almost 5 whole days!

In Durban, traffic seems to be way more chilled with 72 lost in traffic a year. 

The report announced that the world's most congested is Moscow in Russia. In Moscow, up to 9 days are lost in traffic annually. Traffic jams, old, narrow streets, too many cars and poor city planning have all contributed to this issue.

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Close behind Moscow are Istanbul, Bogota, Mexico City and Sao Paulo.

How cities around the world are tackling traffic issues:

In order to combat traffic issues, a lot of South Africans employers have eased up on work hours over the last few years, allowing their employees to work either flexi-time or remotely.

Yet with unreliable public transport systems, and issues like load-shedding, congestion persists. 

According to the World Economic Forum, there are many ways in which cities around the world are combating congestion, for example London and Stockholm have electronic road pricing systems which charges motorists who enter the centre of the city, and Hangzhou in China has one of the world’s largest, and most efficient, public bike-sharing programmes, which alleviates traffic.

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In Barcelona, traffic is monitored in real-time, increasing and reducing the frequency of green lights according to the traffic conditions at the time.

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