I went to the 'most beautiful café in the world' - and this is what I thought

2019-06-27 11:41 - Marisa Crous
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“Formerly frequented by journalists, writers and poets, you’ll now find the New York Café packed with tourists sipping on €7 cappuccinos.”

This is the first review I read on the café dubbed as the world’s most beautiful.

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Then another review came in. A friend told me I simply MUST go. “The breakfast buffet!” he emphasised. 

The New York Café is situated in The New York Palace hotel in central Budapest. Now, Budapest is lovingly known as 'Little Paris', and entering this grand café truly makes you feel like you are about to sit down for a slice of breakfast cake with Marie Antoinette.

coffee, Budapest

(The New York Café. PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

The interior is decorated in the Austro-Hungarian monarchy style, this basically translates as: dripping with gold. If you have ever watched The Apprentice and saw Donald Trump’s ostentatious New York City apartment, this is it in spades. 

coffee, Budapest

(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

coffee, Budapest

(PHOTO: Marisa Crous) 

I checked the menu online to avoid a sudden heart attack upon arrival at the café. I concluded that ‘the most beautiful’ would not necessarily translate into the most beautiful prices. 

I decided I’d skip the buffet, and just pop in for a coffee. And to get a few pictures, of course. 

coffee, Budapest

(I even got a delicious truffle along with my coffee! PHOTO: Marisa Crous)

The menu is pricey. Yet, as Budapest is a relatively inexpensive city (even for South Africans), the prices are reminiscent of those you’d find in most European cafes. My coffee was €5. Usually, a coffee in an expensive city like Paris would set you back around €3-4.

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Here, it’s not frowned upon to take selfies, to pose in front of grand staircases or to ask the staff to snap your picture. Looking fancy in pictures is the main reason people come here. Believe me, it’s not for the food.

Though, the coffee was excellent. 

Go get your fix of opulence and fancy. But go early. Especially during season to avoid being confronted by tour groups queuing to get their taste of gold.

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