How I landed up in a Mexican jail with an African crush - Man takes unbelievable journey to keep his airline status

2020-01-03 11:53 - Selene Brophy
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For the frequent traveller, maintaining their Flight Status and maximising the benefits of miles earned is a serious game.

So serious in fact that when Andrew Kimmel, a TV/digital video producer and former head of live video at BuzzFeed, found out he was about to risk losing his status for being $275 under yet 25k miles over, he undertook a New Year's eve journey of note in an attempt to beat the system. 

But this is one mileage run that just went horribly wrong, or right, depending on how you look at it. 

What is a “mileage run” exactly? 

It entails a trip booked specifically for the purpose of earning the frequent-flier miles - or minimum spend as was Kimmel's case - to get to the next elite status tier.  

Kimmel who was just back in Los Angeles after a trip to Indonesia says he was not about to pay the $275 to get the next level (about R3 938 at R14,32/$). Instead he chose to book a $400 ticket for a short stint to Los Cabos, Mexico.

This is when things go awry. 

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He then fell foul to a tourist scam, had a fleeting romance with a Kenyan named Megan - but not before spending some time in a Mexican jail.

A rather interesting way to end off the decade, don't you think.  

Check out Kimmel's tweet thread to American Airlines detailing the remarkable journey. 

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