How Far From Home couple share what it's like to travel to the moon

2018-05-09 13:30 - Selene Brophy
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Many of us have travelled vicariously through the How Far From Home Couple, at some point or other.

When they shared their dream with us to start collecting memories and not things we were all agog at the audacity of actually bucking the trend of modern day wind and grind. We all sighed with envy as they chalked-up their travels, literally, in their wanderlust blog. 

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When they shared that things were a lot harder than most would let on in the travel blogger realm, we couldn't but love them more and cheer them on - even if it meant they were digging up dung and cleaning toilets. 

And then the big news, they got engaged - in what could possibly be one of the most romantic scenes yet. 

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With the latest milestone - travelling the distance to the moon - equally momentous in the life of the SA couple who have made the world their oyster. 

"Last week we reached a ridiculous, we-still-cannot-fathom-it milestone. Whilst flying over Vienna during our South Africa-to-Amsterdam flight, we clocked over 384,400km traveled since leaving home originally on March 2nd 2015," says the HFFH couple.

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"It seems like a random number, but according to science, 384,400km (238,855 miles) is the exact distance between the Earth and the Moon. Travel goals for a couple who left home to see how far from home they could go?! Umm, YES!"

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"It’s taken us 3 years and 7 weeks to reach the moon. Sure, NASA or SpaceX could do it quicker, but would they have as many memories as us?!"

As a result they've shared some 69 lessons learnt along the way. Here's an extract of a few of them- click here to read the full post.


  • Travel helps you discover what is truly essential in your life. You get placed out of your comfort zone, you get tested, you hit the lowest of lows….and at the end of the “research project” you realize what you won’t compromise on, what matters to you, what you want, and what you won’t live without.
  •  Your bag will always be full, no matter how big or small it is, so if you don’t want to carry a lot, get a smaller bag.


  • Communicate. If you want something, or dislike something, or need help with something, spell it out, and be as clear as Harry’s specs. Don’t assume your other half knows what your snarl grunt meant, no matter how long you’ve been together. 
  •  It is entirely possible to spend 24-7-365 with someone else, for over three years, and love them more every day.


  • You’ll never be as young as you are right now, so take your picture, and enjoy looking at how young you once were, later.


  • The world is a cloudy, cloudy place. Like literally. There is cloud cover everywhere.
  • There is no global understanding of “normal”. Everyone is different, and everyone has a different “normal” that they live in, or that they aspire to have.