Hiking pic goes viral for all the wrong reasons. Sister outs her fake influencer sibling

2019-08-12 06:30 -
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Things snapped for the gram are not always as they seem.

Most of us are all too aware of this culture, as #LivingYourBestLife is most often the default of the images portrayed not only on Instagram but social media in general.

As Instagram clamps down on the obsessive influencer culture by hiding the public display of likes on posts – a sibling prank highlights exactly how not everything is as it seems on Instagram.

An Insider report details how Carly Sosnowski called out her Instagram influencer sister, Casey, after she claimed to be going on a hike in one of her photos. It turned out she was actually posing in her family’s backyard.

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Casey who has about 8k followers, told her sister she wanted to go outside to take some pics as she had not posted anything since the end of July.

This was when Carly captured the behind-the-scenes shot of Carly which has since gone viral.

Casey told Insider, "I thought the background was really pretty, so we took pictures over there, and after I got home and posted it I told my family, 'Look, it looks like I was going for a hike.' So then my sister Carly posted it."

Carly’s tweet, showing the two different photos has been liked more than 250 000 times. Her sister's picture perfect post on Instagram has received over 4k likes. 

It should be noted that Casey is wearing a different top in Carly’s photo than she did in her own post, though some speculators on Twitter said the Instagrammer was likely changing outfits, or she put on the white top over her sports bra last-minute.  

There appears to be no hard feelings between the two siblings since the incidents, with Carly taking it all in her stride, saying she is quite surprised by all the attention it had received. 

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