Dream Trip: Travel the world in 23 days with The Global Scavenger Hunt

2017-12-01 09:36 - Gabi Zietsman
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Taking a gap year. (Photo: iStock)

Cape Town - The Global Scavenger Hunt is looking for the world's greatest travellers in an epic race around the world.

In its 14th year, the annual adventure will take place in 2018 from 13 April to 5 May, and they're looking for 15 teams of two (or one if you're brave enough). Anyone can apply, provided you can pay the entry fee of a cool $25 000 per team of two (R340 500), which covers all flights, accommodation, travel gear and about 40% of your food.

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“It took Phileas Fogg 80 days to travel around the world, we do it in 23 days! And our participants see and do more than he ever did,” says author and event CEO, William D Chalmers.

“We annually turn the entire globe into a traveller’s dream where they visit hidden destination gems, uncover cryptic clues, carry out secret missions, hunt masterpieces, sample extraordinary cuisines, employ pre-industrial modes of transport and overcome life-enhancing challenges. It is indeed a highly hands-on and transformative adventure with a high 'wow' factor for jaded eyes and busy people.”

Unlike the popular travel series Amazing Race, this isn't a reality show and all about the ultimate travel adventure.

The hunt has visited 76 countries so far, but there are lots more that still needs to be included in the itinerary, including our very own South Africa! Participants however will not know beforehand which country they will be touring, which is all part of the experience.

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It's also about more than just seeing the world, but also changing it for the better. Participants will be doing charity work along the way, and funds are raised through the event for interest-free micro loans, medical clinics and schools. So far funds have helped families in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Ecuador, Niger, India, Haiti and Sri Lanka.

But what does it take to win the title of Best Traveller in the World?

According to Chalmers, previous winners have a few traits in common that could help give future participants that edge over their opponents. You will need the "the luck of the Irish; politeness of a Canadian; skill of a German; and, the chutzpah of an American" to win the crown.

Other traits include

  • knowing when to ask for help, and when to let go of a task
  • quickly resolving team conflict
  • fast problem-solving
  • packing light and fast
  • being a pro at organisation, but also being flexible
  • always have emergency toilet paper on hand
  • a functional sense of humour
  • ability to have fun and not take yourself so seriously.

"Frankly, a team’s success is driven by talent and smarts (travel IQ), but more by its interpersonal relationships and solution-oriented sub-culture. After all, our unofficial motto remains: Trusting strangers in strange lands."

You think you're up for the challenge? Visit their website and apply online.

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