#DoItForTheChin: Traveller takes selfie to chin-heights

2017-10-13 13:30 - Ishani Chetty
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Cape Town- We all love to snap a selfie while we are travelling, and of course we need to get the beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower in as well as our faces. Just to prove that we were actually there.

The age of the selfie has reached new heights in society from the dangerous acts of individuals hanging off buildings for the perfect angle shot to cheeky butt selfies - like it or not selfies are here to stay but there is a new trend on the rise and it happens to be rather bewit-chin. 

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Queen of puns and double chins

That awkward feeling when you open your phone camera and the only thing you see is your double chin and you sit there thinking, "Is this really what I look like?" as you adjust the camera to take the perfect selfie. Although we may see our double chin as a hideous creature that lurks in the dark - Michelle Liu has embraced her double chin and the world is loving it. 

Chinventures - as Liu is known - documents her travels around the world with a chin-selfie and they are so brilliantly done that you may want to start embracing your chin as well. Travel photographs have become increasingly candid and posed to what societies expectations and requirements are but there is nothing better than seeing someone be themselves and share their ideals with the rest of the world.  

Liu has been posting images since 2016 and has been catch-chin the best and most popular landmarks across the world with a pose that extenuates her chin. The travels of Liu's chin include, Prague, Taiwan, Amsterdam and she is planning to travel more of the world - showcasing her pun talent and the glorious chin angles. 

Liu's pun lines are some of the best we have ever read and are included in her Instagram captions. Our favorite one has to be: " I canal't believe this place is so DAM lit" when referring to her recent trip to Amsterdam. 

I canal't believe this place is so DAM lit ??

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When asked about the origins of Chinventures, Liu told Mic that she made silly faces throughout her schooling career. "My chinning entertained my friends and all through middle school, high scool and college, at which point I decided to share my chin with the world".

During her travels she has even asked airplanes staff to join in on her #chinsquad.

When the whole British Airways squad chin pics with you. Thanks BA crew for being great sports! #TURNIP #FOR #SCOTLAND

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Liu added in her interview with Mic, "I want to be chinsta-famous" and that she hopes to start a new movement towards people acceptng themselves and embracing their looks in true chin-style. Liu hopes to push the boundaries of conventional beauty standards with her chin-travels.

I don't know about you... but Eiffel in love with this city for sure ?? Happy #bastille day friends!

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These are some of the most hilarous travel posts we have seen and we cannot wait to see where Chinventures is off to next.

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