Come and join our #EcoTravel Twitter chat on Friday 5 May

2017-04-24 19:00
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Cape Town - Eco-travellers, this one is for you! Are you travelling green in order to preserve nature, promote conversation and make the world better?

Well then you need to join us as we chat #EcoTravel on Friday, 5 May - discussion all the tips for more responsible travelling the world over -  

For the next Twitter Chat follow us and use the hashtag #EcoTravel. Here's what you need to know:  

When: Friday, 5 May at 12:00pm 

Where: Twitter, follow us at Traveller24_SA

What: Use the hashtag #EcoTravel and  participate as we speak everything about Eco Travelling. 

Questions we'll be asking - need something answered or want to suggest a topic? Mail us at beforehand.

-    1. What defines eco-friendly or responsible travel for you?

2. Share your favourite eco-travel escape and why?

3. A simple thing you’ve changed about your travel habits?

4. What are your thoughts on an eco-tax, would you pay it?

5. Share a responsible tourism success story you admire or know of?