Cersei as a social media influencer: Game of Thrones characters reimagined as travel clichés

2019-05-16 19:00
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Ever wondered what kind of travellers your favourite Game of Thrones character might be?

A lot of travelling takes place in the fictional world of Westeros - from the icy winds of Winterfell to the Mediterranean climate of King's Landing to the rough shores of the Iron Islands.

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But instead of riding dragons and fighting off White Walkers, in the real world the subjects of the Seven Kingdoms might fall into some stereotypical travel behaviour - like the ones you love to mock on Instagram.

The uber fans over at The Travel Aisle reimagined what they might be like, from the bloodthirsty Arya to the power-obsessed Cersei.

We all want to be Tyrion though.

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Arya Stark: The Free Spirit

Roaming around: Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Mount Agung in Bali or the Konark Sun Temple in India

While a little less vengeful, Arya is the kind of traveller that takes off into the world in search of her 'inner self' and ends up learning a lot of tricks along the way from wise teachers.

arya throwing a yoga pose in bali

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Daenerys Targaryen: The Been There, Done That

Roaming around: Erta Ale Volcano in Ethiopia

Dany has been everywhere you can imagine, and comes along with quite a unique accent. She is brimming full of stories of her adventures, and love it when things get a little... heated.

Daenerys targaryen looking at lava

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Eddard Stark: The Anxious Traveller

Roaming around: Stonehenge in England

Whenever Eddard leaves home, terrible things happen. He plans and double checks everything when heading on a trip, but tends to lose his head when things don't go according to plan.

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eddard stark looking cold at the stonehenge

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Cersei Lannister: The Social Media Influencer

Roaming around: Times Square in the US

Always the centre of attention, her Instagram feed makes you want to hate her but also keep following her to see if she makes any missteps. She's always surrounded by bodyguards and posts some questionable photos of her and her brother.

cersei strutting with luggage in time square new y

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Jon Snow: The Lone Wolf

Roaming around: Havana in Cuba

Jon just wants to get away from it all - solo - and never relaxes while travelling. He's a do-gooder and always looking for the most obscure places where he doesn't have to know anything.

Jon Snow walking somberly in havana

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Margaery Tyrell: The Hopeless Romantic

Roaming around: Paris in France

Travelling for Margaery is a romantic adventure waiting to happen - and she knows just how to twist someone's arm to get what she wants. She'll opt for the most romantic hotspots to meet golden-haired lovers that might just break her heart.

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margaery posing in front of the eiffel tower

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Ramsay Bolton: The Adrenaline Junkie

Roaming around: Mount Everest in Tibet

Ramsay's thirst for the extreme makes him a difficult travel buddy, and he's all about pushing his body and yours to the limit. Climbing mountains, skydiving and skiing with dogs are just a few items on his adrenaline-filled bucket list.

ramsay bolton climbing a mountain in snow

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Samwell Tarley: The Time Traveller

Roaming around: Pompeii in Italy, the Ancient Pyramids in Egypt and the Acropolis in Athens.

Sam travels with his nose in a book, learning more about the history of the destinations he visits. He knows more than Google and can't wait to tell you about.

Samwel reading a book in athens

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Sansa Stark: The Gap Year Traveller

Roaming around: Thailand

Going abroad as soon as she finished school, Sansa had high hopes for travelling around the world, but while everything looks great she's having a terrible time. Despite the lack of money and coping with loneliness, she perseveres to become a hardened traveller.

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Sansa stark posing in thailand

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

Tyrion Lannister: The Socialiser

Roaming around: Oktoberfest in Germany and the Cape Winelands in South Africa

You'll find Tyrion wherever the party is at, partaking in local customs and supping on whatever spirits will get him the most smashed. Despite the heavy drinking, he still manages to make friends wherever he goes. 

tyrion lannister holding a beer at oktoberfest

(Photo: The Travel Aisle)

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