Afrikaans as the sexiest accent isn't the only baffling thing about SA's languages

2017-10-28 11:10 - Unathi Nkanjeni
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Cape Town - As South Africans, it is no secret that we walk and dance to the beat of our own drum and we are constantly questioning what it means to be this rainbow nation

For instance, Afrikaans was recently voted the sexiest accent out of 50 across the globe. This obviously caused some hilarious reactions all round. Even this... 

SEE: It's official!? SA's Afrikaans ranked the sexiest accent in the world

An while an accent is entirely different to an actual language, part of our colourful charm and complexity comes with having 11 official languages.  Imagine being a tourist trying to wrap you head around that!  

Visiting a foreign place means grasping the local slang can be tricky, let alone trying to use it. This is especially true for South Africa - hashtag blessed with a rich slang culture - it can be quite baffling for foreign visitors and let's face it, even some residents! 

The lingo can be obscure. 

With popular catchphrases such as "Ska ba hemisa" and "Boeing is al oor" doing the rounds and making "lekker" and "braai" sound like something of the past, we thought we'd step in and help out travellers from foreign regions of the earth (yes, as well as the odd Saffa) with a home-grown slang guide to the common, and not so common South Africanisms. Thank us later.