10 Bathrooms you should pee in before you die

2020-01-10 14:45 - Gabi Zietsman
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Some bathroom stops are worth the trip.

Whether it's beautiful views, incredible decor or an adventurous experience, sometimes relieving yourself is a little more special depending on where you are.

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Here are some of the top 10 bathrooms you should put on your bucket list.

Look over Cape vineyards

In Cape Town, there's one very unique toilet experience - wine farm Beau Constantia's bathroom facilities gives you a great view of the wine valley when you break the seal after all the tastings.

Aquarium Toilet

Take a slash while surrounded by the creatures of the deep at Mumin Papa Café in Akashi, Japan - although it's a women-only affair.

The world's largest public restroom

In Chongqing - China - the Porcelain Palace in an amusement park claims to have the biggest restroom in the world with more than a thousand toilets.

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Taking the scenic route

Out in the wildness of Norway, one beautifully built restroom called Ureddplassen looks out across fjords and snow-capped mountains - and you can even watch the northern lights from here!

Out in the desert

At Wolwedans Lodge in Namibia, you'll have unending views of of the NamibRand Nature Reserve - though your privacy is a little limited.

Golden Throne

Find the sparkliest bathrooms in Tokyo's iconic Robot Restaurant - and you get to play with an iconic Japanese toilet.

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Sitting on a piece of art

The small New Zealand town of Kawakawa is home to the final project of famous artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser, where tile mosaics showcase his architectural genius on a small scale.

Freezing something off

If you ever find yourself hiking Mount McKinley in the US's Alaska, you'll find a john that's a little too open to the elements - though boasts a great view!

Refresh yourself after relieving yourself

In the Taiwanese Chung Yo Department Store, the bathrooms go all out on thematic decor for each floor - one has its own bar stocked with Heineken and another with a complete Coca-Cola design.

Pee on the Berlin Wall

After the wall fell its pieces were scattered across the world, but one piece wound up in the Main Street Station Hotel and Casino's bathroom in Las Vegas - right behind some urinals.

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