#WildlifeWednesday: World Reptile Day presents the Adders of South Africa

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We honour our scaly friends for World Reptile Day by looking at South Africa's Adders for #WildlifeWednesday.

Footage courtesy of Siyaya - Come wild with us

The Adder is one of the most dangerous snakes in South Africa. One species kills the most people on the continent.

The Puff Adder likes to go slow on the land, but can both swim in water and climb trees. When threatened they pull back into a coil and strike unexpectedly at potential predators.

The Horned Adder differs slightly from the Puff Adder with horn-like scales over each eye.  They are not as poisonous as the Puff Adder.

Their skin colours can look different depending on which area you find them in. Namibian adders can be much lighter in colour than those found in Western Cape.

They like to bury themselves in the sand when they can, and feed on lizards and small rodents.