#WildlifeWednesday: These African Penguins will waddle right into your heart

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Seeing as Saturday was African Penguin Awareness Day and this week is National Marine Week, we thought it fitting to look a bit closer at our waddling friend for #WildlifeWednesday. Footage courtesy of Siyaya - Come wild with us.

The waddling African Penguin is a favourite among tourists in South Africa. Their colony at Boulder’s Beach in Cape Town is one of the best viewing spots in the coutry.

They are monogamous birds, which means they mate for life and both take turns to look after chicks. They may find new mates if something were to happen to their partners or they don’t return from a hunt.

Today we lay down pipes as homes for penguins because humans took their guano for fertilisers, leaving little for them to make homes.