#WildlifeWednesday: The thumping giants of the wild

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African Elephants are one of the most amazing creatues you can see in our national parks, making the ideal pick for this week's #WildlifeWednesday animal.

Remember that you can see these giants at SANParks for free from 18 -22 September for Heritage Month.

The African Elephant is the largest land mammal on Earth, and can weigh up to 6 tonnes! They can also reach a height of 3,3 metres.

Although elephants have a matriarchal society, males fight during mating season as only the strongest gets the females.

Females stick together with their young, led by a head female, while bulls prefer to be alone or roam in bachelor pods.

Elephant trunks are used for smelling, grabbing, breathing and making a trumpet sound!

Baby elephants consume 11,4 litres of milk a day, and when a baby is in trouble its entire herd will come to its aid.

If a baby dies, the whole herd will mourn its passing.

Footage courtesy of Siyaya - Come wild with us.