WATCH: Would you eat recycled landfill meat?

2018-05-28 18:00
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Have you ever wondered what happens to restaurant leftovers? In the Philippine capital, Manila, meat is recycled from rubbish tips.

The food - dubbed 'pagpag' - is a combination of meat collected from rubbish dumps along with fresh vegetables bought from a market. It is washed, prepared, recooked and sold by vendors in poor communities. 

The food, once prepared and recooked, is unrecognisable and looks rather tasty and appealing as opposed to in its earlier stages at the dump.

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What may seem unappetising to many is a delicacy to some of the country's poorest people. The Philippines is rife with poverty and many cannot afford a wholesome, filling and tasty meal. Pagpag helps alleviate this.

It offers those in need the option to buy filling, tasty and cheap meals at the small price of having it include leftover meat recycled from landfills.

However, as Ice Delivery man, Nonoy Morallos, puts it in the video: "It's about having a strong stomach. Us here? We're used to it. This is what it is. This is what the poor can afford. As long as we're here, we will still eat pagpag."

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