WATCH: Top 10 Weird and Wonderful Restaurants from around the world

2018-05-25 18:00
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Eating out can be an adventure for food lovers, but sometimes it's not just about what's on the menu that makes things exciting. These restaurants take their theme seriously and crank it up a notch further.

From having your food with a side of loo to an Elsa-esque restaurant experience that won't leave your appetite feeling cold.

Feast your eyes on these 7 designs inspired by cuisines around the world

Rush on over to the Philippines to gush over their waterfall foodie experience or get your robot moves out in Tokyo for their robo-disco-food bonanza.

You can even get your surf and turf on under the sea with the amazing Maldives option.

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Enjoy a rollercoaster of food experiences with these 10 bizarre and unique restaurants.

See the list below:

10. Rollercoaster Restaurant - Nine locations

9. Modern Toilet - Taiwan

8. Snow Restaurant - Kemi, Finland

7. Waterfall Restaurant - San Pablo, The Philippines

6. Robot Restaurant - Tokyo

5. Kayabuki Tavern - Utsunomiya, Japan

4. The Heart Attack Grill - Las Vegas

3. Ithaa Undersea Restaurant - The Maldives

2. Dinner in the Sky - Brussels & Worldwide

1. Giraffe Manor - Nairobi