WATCH: Take a peek inside the first ever luxury space hotel

2018-05-29 06:30
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Space technology start-up Orion Span just announced its plans to build Aurora Station by 2021. The space technology start-up is based in Houston, Texas and Silicon Valley, California.

But you may have to start saving now. The 12-day journey will come with a hefty price tag - as the cost per person is estimated to be $9.5m (about R117.8m at R12.45/$). Keen travellers are able to put down a $80k deposit to secure an exclusive spot on the waitlist.

It will be able to host six people, including two crew members. And you can expect and authentic and once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The luxury hotel is expected to orbit Earth every 90 minutes, which means travellers will experience an average of 16 sunrises and sunsets within a 24-hour period. Watch the video to find out exactly what guests will get up to. 

Travellers can start saving now to experience the

Travellers can start saving now to experience the