WATCH: Lovable Hello Kitty is UNWTO Sustainable Tourism ambassador

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The United Nations International Year of Sustainable Tourism Development in 2017 is promoted by World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), which together with Sanrio, appointed the lovable pop culture icon Hello Kitty as the special ambassador of the International Year.

“Sanrio's best-known character, Hello Kitty will promote the Year’s campaign ‘Travel. Enjoy. Respect’,” says UNWTO.

Hello Kitty will support UNWTO with its efforts in communicating the messages of the International Year, and highlight the role of tourism in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a global audience.

According to UNWTO, being a sustainable traveller means honouring your hosts and common heritage, protecting our planet, supporting the local economy, and being a respectful and informed traveller.

“Travelling opens our minds and our hearts, and lets us see how we are equal,” says Hello Kitty in the video, adding that travellers must respect nature, cultures and their hosts.