WATCH: Lone hyena runs for its life after entering lion den

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If only we knew what this hyena was thinking when it casually walked straight into a lion den... and then got a surprise chase!

Latest Sightings shares incredible footage of a hyena walking somewhat obliviously straight into a lion pride.

Captured by Louis Le Roux at Gharagab in the Kgalagadi National Park, the video shows a hyena casually strolling towards lions that prepare to pounce on the predator at any given time, resulting in a chase that will make your heart race.

Le Roux recalls that just before sunrise lionesses walked down to the waterhole in front of their cabin. “As I was videoing the lions my wife mentioned that a brown hyena was casually walking past our cabin down to the water hole. The lions were now behind our cabin on the crest of the dune and were looking in all directions when they spotted the hyena at the water hole.

“The lions used our cabin as shelter to stalk the hyena. It