WATCH: Kruger lion tries opening car door

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If you ever felt brave enough to drive through Kruger National Park with your windows open and doors unlocked, then this video shows why you always need to do what it takes to ensure your absolute safety while on a game drive! shared footage of a rare encounter captured by Bronwyn Hattingh at Kruger. Hattingh and her husband were driving in convoy with their friends, when they came across 6 lions and one young lion “become very interested” in the yellow mirror covers on her friend’s car behind.

She says the lion “wanted to take the mirror covers off” and then started to sniff around the car before attempting to open the passenger door with his lower jaw. “Twice you could hear the handle opening and closing. It was as if he had done it many times before,” she says about the curious lion.

“It shocked me to realise how clever lions really are!” she says, adding “It’s wonderful to get so up close and personal with these beautiful animals but it’s also important that you know when to leave so the situation does not escalate.”