WATCH: Just bites and kicks in this zebra throwdown

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Never get into a kicking match with a zebra.

Latest Sightings shared this insane video of Kruger zebras re-enacting a scene from one of the Rocky Balboa movies. Normally these animals look quite calm in their herds, but this video proves that zebras can be brutal in fights.

The video was captured by Wildlife photographer and guide in the Kruger National Park, Bernhard Bekker, who was waiting at a watering hole for some animals when the zebra herd appeared.

"Rapidly the zebras started to fight and bite each other, it looked like a bachelor's herd so no females joined the group as far as we could see," Bekker told Latest Sigthings.

The fight lasted 15 minutes, which gave Bekker's fellow photographer ample time to capture some once-in-a-lifetime shots of zebra behaviour.