WATCH: How do you keep warm? Tips from cold countries

2018-06-06 15:30
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South Africa, the place where the coldest months feel like a Scandinavian summer.

Though we are blessed with mostly enjoyable weather year-round, South Africans are woefully under-prepared for the winters of the northern hemisphere and extreme south.

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While wearing thermal underwear and fleece might be a good start, it's always good to get some tips from the pros. That's where the above video comes in to save you.

People from the cold countries of Russia, Serbia, Canada, Austria and England, all give you their tips on how to stay warm.

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1. You can never wear too many layers

This one is pretty straightforward. The more layers of clothing you wear the more layers of clothing the cold has to penetrate before it reaches your body. Good gloves, thick socks, undershirts under undershirts and beyond - just do it all if you want to stay warm. 

2. Say no to selfies

Who would have thunk it, but selfies can leave you freezing. First of all, you're suddenly stopping in place which makes you cold and you might remove your gloves to use your phone. Save your fingers, and your phone too, and just save the selfies for a warmer day. 

3. Always carry a hot drink

Grabbing a coffee, tea or hot chocolate can really do a lot for keeping those body temperatures up and the gloom of the cold down.  

4. Think ski clothes

Consider getting yourself a skiing suit. Great for commuting and designed to keep warmth in and the elements out it is a very practical way to stay warm. 

5. Don't stand still

Keep moving! You'll feel the cold way more if you just stand in place. 

6. Don't go outside. 

The best way to stay warm in super cold countries is to just stay inside. Take a hot bath or a hot shower, drink some hot beverages, just stay indoors. 

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