WATCH: Fuel your body & mind with adventure holidays like your fave celeb

2018-06-21 18:00 - Saara Mowlana
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Most A-listers work long hours, day after day, to earn an enormous amount of money. So once or twice... or maybe even thrice a year... they pack their bags and go for a well-deserved holiday.

You might think the stars would prefer to enjoy some lazy days at the beach or visit a luxurious spa - but there you'd be wrong.

While celebs used to enjoy leisurely holidays, in the last few years, there's a new trend amongst the elite: experience-focused travel.

Celebs are looking for adventures and journeys that perhaps money can't buy, but is a unique experience.

Some examples of these elite and unique experiences include active adventures like:

  • Whitewater rafting in a niche location in South America that's only accessible a few weeks a year to
  • Rock climbing in a very secluded spot in Spain 

The experiences tend to still be elite and exclusive - whether or not money can or can't buy them - as the everyday person might not be able to access these niche activities.

However, the trend may not be favoured by all of your fave celebs - there will still be kindred spirits of the silver screen who prefer to kick back on vacay and catch a tan and some sleep after a good few months of hard work. 

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Some of your fave thrill seeking celebs include:

  • Chris Hemsworth - the Aussie actor heads back to his home country a few times a year to hang ten on the waves Down Under.
  • Zac Efron - he recently took to the road with his brother in an 'ol trusty caravan. The pair made time to climb some mountains and camp out in the wilderness too. Although, it was all for a sportswear brand.

Some people and celebs find themselves being thrill-seekers for the aesthetic of a holistic #gram feed or social media timeline - because, as you know the saying goes: #picsoritdidnthappen.

While some might use experience-focused travel for the promo and perks of living your best life on social - it is also a great way to challenge yourself, do some introspection and get some kicks out of it. 

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What does the future of adventure holidays look like?

With the growing brand of Richard Branson and his groundbreaking tech developments, he's also been selling tickets to go into space on his shuttle - Virgin Galactic.

This trip would surely take adventure and experience-focused travel getaways to beyond the stratosphere. 

Understandably, it won't be at a pocket-friendly fee for us everyday folks - some celebs have already put their name down for the coveted Milky Way ticket at a humble estimate of around $200 000 (about R2 736 300 @ R13.68/$).

One of the stars who might have put their name on the star-dotted line includes Leonardo DiCaprio. Who knows, your fave celebs could truly be found among the stars one day.

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What about me - the humble civilian looking to seek some thrills and chills without breaking my wallet? 

If you're looking to seek some cheap thrills, why not check out some of these affordable adventures lurking in our local backyards: