WATCH: Explore some of the coolest street art in Hong Kong

2018-08-29 14:01 - Saara Mowlana
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Street art and the bustling concrete canvas of Hong Kong are nearly synonymous concepts.

The desire for expression in bustling business districts is a common sight, and Sheung Wan in Hong Kong is no exception.

Much like the Mother City, its buildings teem with intricate and vibrant street art - bringing the grey and concrete city to life with these cracks of colour and creativity.

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Here are five of the best street art finds around the Hong Kong business district to make your Insta pop after a long day flexing your brain in and around the office:

  • Get Foxy over in Upper Station Street with the multicoloured fox artwork - aptly titled "Fox Multi Coloured" by Thai street artist Rukkit Kuanhawate. 

  • Kwong Fuk Ancestral Hall - Tung Wah Group of Hospitals invited local artist Chen Ka-yan to give a modern revamp to this historic building. Ka-yan decorated the place with colourful geometric patterns, along with phrases that include names of deities and extracts of prayers. 
  • While everybody might not be Kung Fu Fighting, this street art piece of Bruce Lee in Tank Lane surely is. The mural by South Korean artist Xeva was created as a tribute to the superstar. 

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  • If you're feeling for an abstract portraiture to grace your social timelines and bless your followers - well look no further than Hollywood Road. This stunning piece is the work of the talented French artist Hopare. 

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  • Travelodge - Designed and painted by Stern Rockwell, this colourful mural on the Travelodge building reflects the preservation and innovation of Hong Kong’s cultural heritage. The lengthy mural bridges the old and new on Hong Kong’s iconic Hollywood Road. 

See other notable works you're likely to find below:

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