WATCH: Awkward! Three male lions take turns mating with lioness

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This lioness's milkshake brought all the boy lions to the yard.

Latest Sightings shared a video of a lioness having a mating party with three male lions - each taking turns and bumping the other away in an almost playful manner.

The video was captured by field guide Matthew Smith in Sabi Sands, who explains that these lions are part of a pride that lost five members in one year, with only two females remaining who had been avoiding males. The males in the video are all brothers.

He was amazed at what happened, especially for the lioness to mate with so many in such quick succession in front of each other. 

"My only possible reasoning for this might be because of their age. These males are close to five years of age and therefore still fairly young and may not have established dominance amongst one another," Smith told Latest Sightings.